Follett Financial Aid Solutions

Enabling Success for Your Students and Campus

Our financial aid integrations, programs and services enable your students to secure the course materials and resources needed to be successful. Best of all, they offer something for everyone. For example, when students purchase course materials online, those transactions are deducted from financial aid accounts in real time. Follett IGNITE™ also provides two forms of Financial Aid integration: Follett Hosted and Campus Card.

Take your brand further.

Streamline student communications.

  • Replace or complement your existing financial aid communications
  • The day financial aid opens: Follett sends students an email on your behalf with account name, funds available and expiration date
  • Before financial aid closes: Follett sends students a reminder and update on their funds
  • Students can opt out of financial aid messaging at any time

Spark institutional efficiency.

  • Take advantage of two forms of Financial Aid integration: Follett Hosted and Campus Card
  • Drive awareness of financial aid while reducing questions for your staff
  • Get reporting on key metrics (i.e., open rates, clicks and online sales) upon request

Gain insight with detailed financial aid reporting.

With Follett IGNITE™, you can get a detailed summary of a student’s financial aid activity. By leveraging our reporting, you can monitor the success of the program, and together we can make further adjustments to better serve your students.

Review financial aid activity detail by student.

  • Student name
  • PO
  • Ship date
  • Number of units
  • Price
  • Shipping cost
  • Tax cost
  • Total charges
  • Discounts
  • Financial aid amounts