Follett ACCESS

Fostering student success with instant access on day one of class.

Follett ACCESS is a groundbreaking affordability and access solution that delivers all required digital course materials to students as part of their tuition or fees — ensuring that students understand the full cost of education upfront, get the lowest priced materials possible and are prepared for class on day one.

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With Follett ACCESS, books are part of a student’s tuition and fees, and thanks to group purchasing model of Follett ACCESS, students can enjoy even more savings. This not only makes the educational experience simpler, it also ensures that the right materials are procured. This is especially important because preparation and class engagement fuel better grades for students.


Faculty members have the freedom to choose the course materials that best meet curriculum goals without being tied to one format, publisher or content provider. And because students have the right digital materials on day one, instructors can begin teaching instead of playing the role of tech support for the first couple of classes.


Institutions can gain a competitive advantage in boosting retention and graduation rates while addressing the rising cost of education. They can also provide the tools needed to help students complete their studies instead of students deferring classes due to course material cost and access.

Follett ACCESS: Follett Affordability Solutions


Follett ACCESS sparks benefits for everyone.

Follett ACCESS is the perfect union of publishers, schools, faculty and Follett — coming together to improve access to course materials, enhance engagement and learning outcomes, help make course materials more affordable and ultimately foster student success.