Follett Inventory

Largest inventory of low-cost course materials in the industry.

Take your brand further.

Follett IGNITE™ allows for thousands of listings to be presented together in a simple, intuitive interface.

Leverage our unbeatable on-demand merchandising.

In addition to course materials, is offering an endless assortment of branded merchandise something that you have been wishing for? With Follett On-Demand, you can extend your brand with over 3,000 product options without the worry of carrying any inventory. It’s the largest selection of officially licensed merchandise available anywhere online.

Get the lowest possible prices for secured inventory.

Follett IGNITE™ offers procured inventory from a variety of sources, including stock from publishers, buybacks from our network of 1,200+ stores and used inventory from wholesalers and bulk sellers.

What Our Customers Say

“Follett has made it possible for us to get the books to our students around the globe from one central location in Jacksonville, Florida. Our contract features free ground shipping for our students, which makes us competitive with the biggest online companies.”

Abbie Luoma
Senior Content Manager/Academic Affairs
Saint Leo University