Managed Stores

Get access to the course materials and general merchandise your students need.

Transform your Bookstore

Follett IGNITE™ sources used books from 1,200+ Follett-managed store locations and additional supply channels, including all the largest wholesale distributors. We also provide the distribution experience and virtual fulfillment strategy needed to ensure that your online store has the right inventory at the right time.

Relationships that make the grade.

We have active, long-standing relationships with the largest wholesale distributors in the industry to ensure demand fulfillment.

Fulfill your inventory with ease 

Have all of your orders fulfilled from a nearby distribution center in Florida, Tennessee and Maryland — each serviced by a dedicated team.

Leverage unbeatable on-demand merchandising

Follett On-Demand is the premier provider of online store solutions for institutions and college athletic departments across the country. Expanding beyond course materials, Follett IGNITE™ provides a wide assortment of on-demand branded apparel and general merchandise, so you can manage and promote your brands internally and externally.